Monday, July 20, 2009

Michelle Obama's Fashion Jewelry and Fashion Trends Style

First Lady Michelle Obama has undergone a fashion trends evolution. From her super-chic sheaths to floral printed dresses, she's upped the style quotient in the White House at every appearance she makes. Not to be forgotten are her look-at-me fashion accessories that define her signature look and pull her outfits together. From bubble-gum size pearls to big brooches and hoop earrings, we examine some of the most memorable pieces she's worn and try to keep up with this fashion-forward all-American mom as she makes history.

michelle obama || fashion accessories

Pearls, pearls, pearlsMichelle Obama favors these classic stones, but she adds her own contemporary twist by wearing oversize faux pearl statement necklaces and gorgeous strands of color in gold and brown.

michelle obama || fashion jewelry

Pendants – Ever the fashion icon, Michelle pushes the envelope by wearing multiples of classic necklaces. One of her most memorable pendant choices was a peace symbol and hope dog tag necklace, that she has casually sported on several occasions.

michelle obama || fashion trends

Classic shaped earrings – On election night, the new First Lady of Fashion chose a pair of double oval hoop earrings. The silver tone set a beautiful compliment to her black and red dress. She's also opted for gold hoop earrings as a simple accessory to accent colorful pieces.

tribal fashion || michelle obama

Color – Michelle is not afraid of adding a pop of color here and there, and that includes her fashion jewelry. She loves look-at-me beads, like the chunky double-stranded blue choker she wore to a speaking engagement. More recently, she wore a layered necklace look with canary and turquoise colored beads to contrast an all-black ensemble.

Mrs. Obama certainly keeps up with – or is responsible for setting – some of the most favored fashion jewelry trends to date. We can only wait in anticipation to see what she pulls out of her hat next.

Source: Fashion Jewelry Blog


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