Latest Fashion Accessories 2011

This fall fashion season invest in timeless pieces that will compliment your wardrobe and give some unexpected and incredible fashion flair. Fashion Accessories are all about creating detail and adding texture, color and visual appeal to one’s outfit.

Paper Fashion Accessories

Stunning shoes and Fashion Accessories made from paper might not be the most practical of fashion items, but at least they have the benefit of being fully recyclable, unlike most conventional shoes and Fashion Jewelry.

The Power of Pearls in Fashion Trends

When you think about pearl jewelry, the first thing that strikes the mind is the elegant pearl necklace or an earring. Pearls are always associated with the simplicity as well as elegance. However, there is an increase in the Fashion Trends of designer pearl jewelry.

Fun Ways To Wear Your Fashion Jewelry

As with everything else in life, sometimes we fall into habits in how we wear our Fashion Jewelry. We put the brooch on out left shoulder, we wear the same necklace with the same dress and the same earrings. This article will help stimulate your thinking about how you wear jewelry. Try these other ways of wearing your pins to extend your fashion jewelry vocabulary.

Know the Secrets of Fashion Accessories

Using Fashion Accessories in different ways is one of the easiest ways to make you look like you have a larger wardrobe than you do. By adding a scarf, subtracting a belt, rotating shoes, etc., you can make a small inventory of clothes look like a bottomless closet.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five chic ways to wear a Brooch

A Brooch is one of the oldest accessories used by women on their dress, bags and hair, in order to turn a normal outfit to a marvelous one.
Brooches have always been an essential part of most women’s wardrobe. Besides, it is a jewelry item designed either to be attached to a garment or hold them closed. It is typically made of metal, often silver or gold, but sometimes bronze or some other material.

Most people like to wear brooches as a fashion accessory in order to keep up with the fashion trends or just to make their outfit more appealing.

However, there are chic ways of wearing a brooch without feeling old-fashioned or too dressy.

Follow these tips:

  1. Pin the scarf with and connect it in the middle with a brooch. It gives the scarf a different feel.
  2. Wear feminine brooches with edgy outfits (jeans, t-shirt leather jacket) to make the look more personal.
  3. Wear the colorful brooches with your soft, feminine dresses and blouses to make them stand out and make a statement
  4. One most important thing is that never match up the colour of your outfit to the brooch, it makes the outfit look old fashioned
  5. Women with thick hair texture can wear a brooch for a diverse look. Which of these tips would you try?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Anime Becomes Inspiration For High Fashion Accessories!

Recently, Isetan Department Store has announced that they will be selling a new range of limited edition "Sailor Moon" products. These items are produced by a collaboration with fashion brand Samantha Vega, one of the brands owned by Japanese fashion franchise Samantha Thavasa, which is well-known for their cute bags and wallets.
The popular comic and anime series is the current inspiration for bags such as the "Moonstick Leather" bag which comes with a lovely gold moonstick charm. Another bag that the brand will produce is the "Luna Fake Leather" bag which is named after Sailor Moon's black guardian cat named Luna. It is playfully designed to create a cat face silhouette and is decorated with Luna's trademark crescent moon.

Long wallets are also being produced by Samantha Vega. These wallets, named "Sailor Guardians Long Wallet," come in lovely pastel colors and have a sailor suit theme as design. Other accessories include "Sailor Guardians Mini Multicase" and a "Sailor Moon Baby G Watch." Isetan will also collaborate with fashion brand Anna Sui for t-shirts.

MegaHouse just brought the kawaii level of "Sailor Moon" themed items to the highest level with its "1/10 Usagi Tsukino" statue. It stands at approximately 10 inches tall and depicts Usagi in her Juban Jr. High School uniform as well as with her transformation broach.

Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, also has a statuette in her tribute. It also features her in her school uniform along with her gentle smile and calm demeanor. However, unlike Usagi's figure, she only stands at 6 inches in height.

Anime series "Sailor Moon" is based on the Japanese manga of the same name which is written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Its immense success allowed the story to be developed into 3 feature films, 1 TV special, 3 short films as well as a live-action TV adaptation. Plenty of companies have also developed official merchandise for the series such as trading card games, video games, collections of soundtracks and action figures.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Making Apple’s Watch Fashionable

For Apple’s Watch to work, the company will need to harness an ecosystem of fashion and accessories designers as well as an ecosystem of app developers.
Apple is clearly making efforts to engage with the fashion world. Immediately following Monday’s special event in San Francisco, the company revealed to BoF that its forthcoming Apple Watch will be sold at custom-designed shop-in-shops at luxury department stores Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette and Isetan, as well as at speciality retailers Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), Colette (Paris), The Corner (Berlin), 10 Corso Como (Milan) and Maxfield (Los Angeles).

But the design of Apple’s Watch needs work.

Set to ship in April, the device will surely generate significant buzz and good upfront sales. But in order to sell at the volumes required to satisfy investors, the Apple Watch will have to work as a fashion accessory as well as a tech device.

Consumers don’t expect all that much from the aesthetics of their technology devices, allowing a design-focused company like Apple to eclipse competitors with clean and elegant products like the iPhone and iPad. But with the debut of the Apple Watch, a device worn on the body, the company is venturing into the fashion and accessories market. And fashion is very different ballgame.

In fashion, consumers demand a dizzying range of aesthetic options, which they use to send complex signals about their personal style and the social tribes to which they belong. What’s more, they demand these options at a tempo that far exceeds the pace at which consumer electronics companies release new devices.

Apple understands this. Unlike its approach to the monolithic iPhone and iPad, which both come in a very small range of aesthetic options, the company has put aesthetic customisation at the core of Watch, offering consumers a choice of two different screen sizes (38mm and 42mm), sixteen different straps (made from rubber, leather and steel) and six different watch casings: stainless steel, space gray stainless steel, aluminum, space gray aluminum, gold and rose gold. (In advance of the launch, an unofficial website called Mix Your Watch has popped up, allowing people to explore all the possible combinations).

Is this enough? As currently conceived, Apple Watch offers a framework for personal expression that is far more constrictive than what consumers have come to expect in the wider fashion and accessories market.

The iPhone and iPad have been huge success stories, not only because of the superior design of Apple’s hardware, but because the company turned them into platforms, enabling an ecosystem of third-party software developers to generate an explosion of apps that run on the devices and significantly extend and enrich their capabilities, an approach Apple is set to replicate with Watch.

But for Watch to succeed as a stylistic product — as well as a tech device — Apple will need to enlist a similar ecosystem of fashion and accessories designers to develop a much wider range of aesthetic options for the product, turning Apple Watch into a legitimate platform for fashion as well as apps.

For products like the iPhone, third parties have fueled a thriving accessories market comprised of everything from protective cases to health-tracking wristbands to special camera lenses, many of which are sold at Apple Stores. But for the Apple Watch to really work as a stylistic proposition, the company will need to go one step further, giving third-party fashion and accessories designers access to the device’s core components, including the strap and the casing.

Will the company embrace third-party designs of core Apple Watch components with an official ‘Made for Watch’ programme, much like the company’s ‘Made for iPhone’ and ‘Made for iPad’ (MFi) programmes, which certify products that are specifically engineered to be compatible with other Apple devices? Will they be sold in Apple Stores? The success of Apple Watch depends on it.

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