Monday, March 16, 2015

Anime Becomes Inspiration For High Fashion Accessories!

Recently, Isetan Department Store has announced that they will be selling a new range of limited edition "Sailor Moon" products. These items are produced by a collaboration with fashion brand Samantha Vega, one of the brands owned by Japanese fashion franchise Samantha Thavasa, which is well-known for their cute bags and wallets.
The popular comic and anime series is the current inspiration for bags such as the "Moonstick Leather" bag which comes with a lovely gold moonstick charm. Another bag that the brand will produce is the "Luna Fake Leather" bag which is named after Sailor Moon's black guardian cat named Luna. It is playfully designed to create a cat face silhouette and is decorated with Luna's trademark crescent moon.

Long wallets are also being produced by Samantha Vega. These wallets, named "Sailor Guardians Long Wallet," come in lovely pastel colors and have a sailor suit theme as design. Other accessories include "Sailor Guardians Mini Multicase" and a "Sailor Moon Baby G Watch." Isetan will also collaborate with fashion brand Anna Sui for t-shirts.

MegaHouse just brought the kawaii level of "Sailor Moon" themed items to the highest level with its "1/10 Usagi Tsukino" statue. It stands at approximately 10 inches tall and depicts Usagi in her Juban Jr. High School uniform as well as with her transformation broach.

Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno, also has a statuette in her tribute. It also features her in her school uniform along with her gentle smile and calm demeanor. However, unlike Usagi's figure, she only stands at 6 inches in height.

Anime series "Sailor Moon" is based on the Japanese manga of the same name which is written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Its immense success allowed the story to be developed into 3 feature films, 1 TV special, 3 short films as well as a live-action TV adaptation. Plenty of companies have also developed official merchandise for the series such as trading card games, video games, collections of soundtracks and action figures.


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