Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Latest Fashion Accessories for 2009

Fashion Accessories are ruling the Runway for 2009. Brilliant colors, exuberant prints, and statements of jewels lead off what hopes to be your best year yet. A sophisticated and pulled together look will exude a strong confidence in any woman. While the dress may be simple, your personality will shine through with the most Latest Fashion Accessories.

Shoes, handbags, Fashion Cuffs, scarves and belts will carry the motif in plenty, and I’ve found you can never have enough. The fearless will wear their skin in one of the bright candy colors of fushia or canary yellow.

Latest Fashion Accessories

Make a big statement with jewelry. Make it big, and don’t be afraid to match the earrings, Statement Necklaces and bracelet. We’ll be seeing lots of colorful, painted costume jewelry make a comeback. Nothing updates your wardrobe instantly more than the use of a strong color. Purple, fushia, canary yellow, orange, and turquoise will be strong this spring. A khaki shift will elevated to a new level when you add your touch with bangles, belts, handbags or heels – be sure to keep to one color and don’t overdo it.

Show your environmentally conscious side. As more and more consumers look to conserve, save, and reuse, one of the hot designer accessories will become the reusable tote. Today’s woman still wants to shop and update her wardrobe, even in this financially challenging time. She will be looking for higher quality items that will be versatile and long lasting.

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