Latest Fashion Accessories 2011

This fall fashion season invest in timeless pieces that will compliment your wardrobe and give some unexpected and incredible fashion flair. Fashion Accessories are all about creating detail and adding texture, color and visual appeal to one’s outfit.

Paper Fashion Accessories

Stunning shoes and Fashion Accessories made from paper might not be the most practical of fashion items, but at least they have the benefit of being fully recyclable, unlike most conventional shoes and Fashion Jewelry.

The Power of Pearls in Fashion Trends

When you think about pearl jewelry, the first thing that strikes the mind is the elegant pearl necklace or an earring. Pearls are always associated with the simplicity as well as elegance. However, there is an increase in the Fashion Trends of designer pearl jewelry.

Fun Ways To Wear Your Fashion Jewelry

As with everything else in life, sometimes we fall into habits in how we wear our Fashion Jewelry. We put the brooch on out left shoulder, we wear the same necklace with the same dress and the same earrings. This article will help stimulate your thinking about how you wear jewelry. Try these other ways of wearing your pins to extend your fashion jewelry vocabulary.

Know the Secrets of Fashion Accessories

Using Fashion Accessories in different ways is one of the easiest ways to make you look like you have a larger wardrobe than you do. By adding a scarf, subtracting a belt, rotating shoes, etc., you can make a small inventory of clothes look like a bottomless closet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everyone Wants a Piece of Lara Bohinc Fashion Jewelry

'In the beginning,” explains Fashion Jewelry designer Lara Bohinc, “we decided that I was going to be quite an elusive personality.” Realising how precious this sounds, she breaks into a low laugh. “Seriously though, I’m a private person and very wary of self-exposure; I think a lot of people in this industry are far too exposed.”

Bohinc could never be accused of that. Though not as publicity shy as Martin Margiela (the Belgian designer who makes a point of never being photographed), and a recognisable face in the party pages of Tatler and Vogue, the Slovenian-born 37-year-old has always avoided giving personal interviews, content to let her discreet but identifiable designs do the talking for her.

Two celebrity endorsements this year, however, have challenged that “elusive” dynamic: first, Cheryl Cole wore a Lara Bohinc Statement Necklaces on the X Factor (Harrods sold out the next day); then, at the G20 Summit in April, Samantha Cameron gave Michelle Obama one of her woven Fashion Cuffs as a present. In a matter of months, Bohinc went from being a name only women-in-the-know, knew, to the most covetable accessories designer in the UK.

Ensconced in a banquette at the Dorchester, her slight physique toughened by a geometric black top, Margiela leather trousers and chunky, art-deco inspired pieces of her own jewellery, Bohinc looks more like a fashion student or off-duty model than a successful businesswoman and award-winning designer.

The first I knew of the whole Michelle Obama thing was when I read it in the papers,” she shrugs. The Tory leader’s wife didn’t come in personally to buy the bracelet, she explains, but the emissary was overheard saying: “These guys have no idea what fantastic product placement this is.” Which is true, of course, though Bohinc appears underwhelmed by the celebrity sanctions so many designers crave.

I’m flattered that Samantha Cameron has some pieces of mine because she always looks great, as does Michelle – so warm and strong – but I don’t understand why people get so hung up on famous people wearing their stuff. These people have stylists, generally, so the whole look is very worked-out, whereas I love it when I see individuals in my stuff because they tend to think about what they buy a lot more.”

Latest Fashion Accessories by Lara Bohinc, above, wears designs from a past collection. Right: Classic Bohinc pieces

It must pinch though, surely, when an undesirable is pictured wearing something of hers? She nods, stifling a laugh: “You can’t always control it. But obviously if people come to you to borrow something for a shoot or a film you can say no. Actually we have a black-list pinned to our office fridge – and no, I won’t tell you who’s on it.”

Bohinc’s refreshing outlook may, in part, be down to her atypical background. Born in Ljubljana (a city of less than half a million people, once voted the fifth most idyllic place to live in Europe) to a judge mother and civil engineer father, she trained in industrial design at the local academy of fine arts before moving to London, where she completed an MA in jewellery and metalwork at the Royal College of Art.

After stints designing for Gucci, Costume National, Lanvin and Julien Macdonald, she started her own business, under the aeroplane-inspired moniker Lara Boeing 747 – but had to change it after Boeing objected. Though her references are jumbled between classical and contemporary, there is something searingly modern about her bold use of precious metals and unbranded, knotted leather handbags that has struck a chord with British women.

We’ve never been about vulgar ostentation, which thanks to the recession, is now dead anyway. Nobody wants to be seen as recklessly spending money on very expensive brands when people are losing their jobs, so people are buying into quality craftsmanship and unique design a lot more.” What attracted Bohinc to London, she admits, “was the very kooky way you guys dress. No one puts things together like British women do: they’re daring and accepting at the same time. In Europe if you wear anything in the least bit different they whisper about you, but in England you could walk around naked and nobody would care.”

After 15 years, London feels more like home than Ljubljana. It helps that her boyfriend, advertising producer Benedict Cooper, is British and that her one-year-old, Coco, was born here, in Fitzrovia, where the three of them live. Aside from acting as a freelance consultant for Cartier International, and designing a one-off collection of crystal martini glasses for Tanqueray No Ten, Bohinc has ambitions spanning beyond the two London boutiques and international concessions she heads.

Up until the age of 18 I used to make all my own clothes, so one day I would like to branch out into that and do homewear, too. My style evolved through knowing how to do practically every craft you can imagine – and mixing them all together. I can sew, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and do mosaics – all those things they don’t really teach kids in the UK. Don’t forget that I grew up in a socialist country where women were on a par with men, working and producing things just like they did.

I love designing and I love my daughter, so if I want to have it all I have to juggle. Working mums learn pretty quickly to become super efficient: I do the same things I did before, only faster. I’ll be holding the phone on a really important phone call and playing with the baby with the other. When I was little I always wondered why my mum spoke so fast,” she laughs, “and now I realise that it was just to pack it all in.”


Monday, July 27, 2009

How to Wear Native American Inspired Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets

Beaded fashion accessories is nothing new to the fashion trends scene, but the way its being worn certainly is. On the street and on the runway, socialites and trendsetters alike are pairing beaded bracelets and necklaces with one-off vintage pieces and classic favorites to create unique fashion forward looks.

fashion accessories

Native American inspired beads are hot, hot, hot right now. From Megan's Fox's eye-catching turquoise beaded choker to Drew Barrymore's funky beaded and chain statement necklace, this look is versatile and beautiful for anyone. You might be wondering how to make this look your own. We've got some great suggestions for creating a signature look out of these stunning Native American inspired pieces.

The bangles and fashion cuffs is all the rage on the fashion scene right now. Take Rachel Bilson's chic sense of style for example. She recently paired multicolored beaded cuffs and bright beaded nylon bracelets with an all black ensemble. The bracelets she wore, along with her cuffed sleeves and neutral booties gave a certain laid back sense of style. The vivid colors of the Indian designs on her bracelets offset a standard outfit. At home, you can easily take any classic piece out of your closet and update it with an inexpensive and fun beaded cuff.

fashion jewelry

For a casual look, don’t be afraid to call out your inner rocker with a long multi-strand American Indian patterned necklace. The arrow and diamond shaped designs add interest and funk. Try pairing the necklace with a t-shirt and blazer for a business casual look.

As spring and summer draw near, bright Native American necklaces and bracelets are a great way to spice up neutrals, such as peasant blouses and sundresses. Wear one at a time as a statement piece, or pile them on for maximum effect. You'll feel like you're on vacation, with these gorgeous cultural beads and natural cut stones.

Source: Fashion Jewelry Blog

Friday, July 24, 2009

All About Artisan Jewelry

An artisan was came from an Italian word artigiano is a skilled manual worker who crafts items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, clothing, jewelry, household items, and tools. The term can also be used as an adjective to refer to the craft of hand making food products, such as bread, beverages and cheese.

Manufacture by hand and with hand tools imparts unique and individual qualities to artisanal products, in contrast to mass produced goods where every one is nearly identical. Artisans traditionally work in media such as wood, ceramics, glass, common and precious metals, basketry, textiles, esparto grass, and leather.

fashion jewelry, artisan jewelry, handmade jewelry

Artisan jewelry dates back as far as 7000 BC, when gold and copper began to be sculpted to adorn the human form, and the practice continues today. Although rarely price-competitive with machine-made items, artisan handmade jewelry is prized for its uniqueness, variety, and beauty. Reflecting the talents of the artisan onto the wearer, the broad spectrum of artisan jewelry is available to provide satisfaction to royalty, rock stars, and "everyday folk." Thousands of jewelry artisans exist around the globe. Some fine examples of artisan jewelry can be seen at museums.

Handmade jewelry is jewelry which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines. According to the guidelines of the FTC, in order to be stamped or called "handmade" the work must be made solely by hand power or hand guidance [1]. In essence, this means that jewelry may be made using drills, lathes, or other machinery, but it must be guided by human hand. This precludes the use of punch presses, CNC machinery and casting to name a few processes that would not qualify as "handmade". Beyond that caveat it can be anything made out of anything that would be considered jewelry. The American Gem Trade Association Spectrum awards[2] , the Gem Center Idar Oberstein, and the De Beers Awards include awards specifically for handmade jewelry.

Although there is much mass produced jewelry in the world, there are many people who prefer to have work that is hand-crafted by a real artisan, and the arena of handcrafted jewelry and other items will likely remain healthy because of that fact. Much jewelry that is marked or sold as "hand made" often is not truly so, though it may be essentially so.

Source: Wikipedia

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tribal Fashion In Today's Fashion Trends

Tribal fashion is the expression of belief, expression of culture and rendition of archetypal imagination of human beings in its most primal form. Using simplest forms and natural symbols, tribals crafted their fashion jewelry from a variety of materials available to them. Starting from leaves and flowers, bone and shells, wood and metals – a diverse array of materials have been used to make handcrafted jewelry. This tribal jewelry is not only decorative ornaments for the natives, but also an indispensable part of their culture, religious beliefs and social rituals. Each tribal society has its own distinctive style of handmade jewelry.

tribal fashion || fashion jewelry

They are the repositories of ancient wisdom and culture, and extremely beautiful in their exotic beauty. Keeping alive these tribal symbols, knowledge and history of tribal jewelry is important to people all over the world. This honest knowledge reminds us that we are real people, with complex lives and problems, existing in a world that was never fair. Keeping this tradition alive, Crafts from different country presents a galore of original tribal jewelry, hand crafted from a variety of materials. Now a day Ethnic tribal Jewelry is a much sought after fashion accessory.

So what are you waiting for try now the tribal accessories and jewelry they are now chic In today's fashion trends,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Michelle Obama's Fashion Jewelry and Fashion Trends Style

First Lady Michelle Obama has undergone a fashion trends evolution. From her super-chic sheaths to floral printed dresses, she's upped the style quotient in the White House at every appearance she makes. Not to be forgotten are her look-at-me fashion accessories that define her signature look and pull her outfits together. From bubble-gum size pearls to big brooches and hoop earrings, we examine some of the most memorable pieces she's worn and try to keep up with this fashion-forward all-American mom as she makes history.

michelle obama || fashion accessories

Pearls, pearls, pearlsMichelle Obama favors these classic stones, but she adds her own contemporary twist by wearing oversize faux pearl statement necklaces and gorgeous strands of color in gold and brown.

michelle obama || fashion jewelry

Pendants – Ever the fashion icon, Michelle pushes the envelope by wearing multiples of classic necklaces. One of her most memorable pendant choices was a peace symbol and hope dog tag necklace, that she has casually sported on several occasions.

michelle obama || fashion trends

Classic shaped earrings – On election night, the new First Lady of Fashion chose a pair of double oval hoop earrings. The silver tone set a beautiful compliment to her black and red dress. She's also opted for gold hoop earrings as a simple accessory to accent colorful pieces.

tribal fashion || michelle obama

Color – Michelle is not afraid of adding a pop of color here and there, and that includes her fashion jewelry. She loves look-at-me beads, like the chunky double-stranded blue choker she wore to a speaking engagement. More recently, she wore a layered necklace look with canary and turquoise colored beads to contrast an all-black ensemble.

Mrs. Obama certainly keeps up with – or is responsible for setting – some of the most favored fashion jewelry trends to date. We can only wait in anticipation to see what she pulls out of her hat next.

Source: Fashion Jewelry Blog

Friday, July 17, 2009

Statement Fashion Jewelry: Spring/Summer 2009 Trend

Big, bold, fashion jewelry was a trend in 2008 that we recommended investing in early; and true to our prediction, statement jewelry has arisen to a new level of significance for 2009.

statement necklaces || fashion accessories

Ranging from the wild, to the wonderful, to the downright wacky; out-there fashion jewelry really made its mark on the 2009 Spring/Summer runways, but don't be dissuaded from wearing this fashion trend for Fall/Winter 2009 either!

Jewelry in the 2009 collections took many and various forms. There were a few common threads amoung them, however, including:

  • Geometric shapes

  • Exotic and ethnic inspirations

  • Rich colors; prominent stones and gems

Geometric shapes in bold colours saw Cavalli extend upon last year's Art Deco trend; while the likes of Ralph Lauren and Anna Sui embraced the exotic, the former with imperial-esque jewels and the latter with ethnic inspired beading.

Others such as Giambattista Valli and Christian Lacroix showed modern, avant garde designs.

chunky necklaces || latest fashion accessories
Bracelets, bangles and fashion cuffs

Bracelets took various forms on the runways - from simple chains to chunky bangles. It was the ornate cuff that really took trend status, however, worn on the upper arm or the wrist.

fashion cuffs || fashion trends

How to wear this Jewelry Trend

The core difference between the previous season of bold jewelry and the 2009 trend is the clothing it's worn with. While 2008 was about playing down the clothing to make the jewels the stand-out feature, 2009 is not afraid to team wildly bold or colorful clothing with over-the-top accessories. Experiment with clashing colours and styles - make them as interesting as possible.

fashion jewelry || fashion accessories
For more subdued occasions, there's always the option to pair statement pieces with a little black dress, or even jeans and a tee. Whatever your preference, the bottom line is that when it comes to jewelry in 2009, the bigger and more exotic, the better!

Source: Fashionising

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrity Fashion Trends – Cameron Diaz Fashion Jewelry

Cameron Diaz is known to have great style in different fashion trends wherever she may be. I’ve always admired her ability to look so put together in even the simplest of situations. She manages to adapt her fashion to the right occasion and adds just the right amount of fashion accessories. Recently, Cameron’s accessories have caught the public eye and has been photographed numerous times showcasing fashion jewelry by San Francisco designer Joy O. Joy O creates handmade statement necklaces, earrings and fashion cuffs that are “modern, minimal and effortlessly chic”. Cameron has been adding Joy O Jewelry to accent her many different outfits on both coasts, and rocks the jewelry to accent her every outfit.

cameron diaz fashion jewelry

Joy O Jewelry isn’t just for everyday wear. Its simple and neutral to mix and match with other trendy necklaces or bracelets and can even add extra touches to evening wear without going over the top.

cameron diaz fashion trends

While Cameron boasts the most recent Joy O designs, this jewelry is also popular with other celebs such as Anne Hathaway and Eva Longoria and has elevated Joy O as a celebrity jewelry designer. They are coveted by some of the most fashionable celebs yet surprisingly affordable and are a great addition to any summer outfit.

Source: oligoville

Monday, July 13, 2009

Advantages of Fashion Jewelry in Today's Fashion Trend

The times are really getting harder and harsher. Because there is a pending and apparent economic crunch anywhere in the world, it is easy to realize that the number of robbers and thieves is really rising. But because there is a constant need to be fashionable, there is a need to wear fashion jewelry, especially for the fashionably conscious people. But how secure and safe could you be when you decide to wear jewelries during important occasions? Do not fret. There surely is a juicy jewelry that would suit your taste.

fashion jeelry an latest fashion accessories

What is fashion jewelry? Those who are not familiar with the word would readily assume that fashion accessories is a piece of fashionable jewelry. Yes, it is true. Fashion jewelry entails fashion and beauty. But more than that, fashion jewelry is a piece of accessory that has less actual valuation that it really looks like. In other words, the words may be harsh, fashion jewelries are fake jewelries.

When you say fake, that means the materials by which every fashion jewelry is made up is fake or is not really expensive. For example, a gold statement necklace would not really be a gold necklace if it is a fashion jewelry. In such case, the gold in the necklace is not really gold but a material that is tarnished or colored to make it appear like it is actually and genuinely gold.

Buying fashion jewelry

There is a market for fashion jewelry. That is because as long as there are budget conscious people, as long as there are wise and fashionable consumers, there would always be buyers of fake jewelries. As long as there are fashionable and extravagant people who could not really afford expensive and premium priced jewelries, there would always be demand for fashion accessory.

If you are aiming to buy a set of jewelries to suit you get up for an important occasion, why not consider buying fashion jewelry? Nowadays, people would not really care if somebody is wearing fashion jewelry. As long as the wearer could carry the items in fashion and he or she looks good and elegant on them, there would be no questions asked.

Buying fashion jewelry is also made easier nowadays. To make a purchase, all you have to do is to go the nearest and reliable jewelry store. You could easily spot a section of displays for fashion jewelry. Notice that modern fashion jewelries are exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous.

Online purchases of juicy jewelry on sale is also made more feasible and convenient. To do so, all you have to do is to log on to the Website of an online jewelry store or online auctioneer or shopping store. Find and look for fashion jewelry brochures and presto, choose the design and styles you want. Consider the overall get up and design of the clothes you would wear before finally ordering and buying the appropriate fashion jewelry for you.

The advantage of wearing fashion jewelry

The first and primary advantage of wearing fashion jewelry is its relative low cost. Yes, because fashion jewelries are fake jewelries, it is expected and logical that the tag prices are not as significant and as expensive as the premium and genuine expensive jewelries. For example a gold fashion jewelry would naturally cost significantly cheaper than the actual market cost for real gold jewelry.

However, despite the big difference in pricing, it would be amazing that fashion jewelries are still looking as elegant, as gorgeous and as breath-taking as any other expensive jewelries in the market today. The dangling appeal and the fancy reception of bystanders and admirers to fashion jewelry is at the same magnitude as the adoration provided and paid to real and genuine expensive jewelries.

Another advantage of wearing fashion jewelry is that you would have a sense of safety and security. If ever you would be robbed while wearing the jewelry, you could be sure that you are not standing to lose a significant amount of money or asset. Fashion jewelries are cheap jewelry so you could easily buy hundreds of them anytime you desire. And you could easily dispose them if they already not usable.

Burglars and thieves certainly would not like it if people would heavily patronize fashion jewelry. That means that the robbers’ efforts to steal and forcefully take a precious jewelry would be futile if they would be robbing fashion jewelry.

Source: I can help you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fashion Jewelry in Harry Potter Premiere

Fashion jewelry was somewhat understated at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince world premiere in London. J K Rowling wore a huge pair of chandelier earrings and Helena Bonham Carter's dog tag pendants were engraved with the names of her children. Daniel Radcliffe was one of the cast members who wore a white wrist-ribbon in memory of Rob Knox, a young man who appeared in the film but was murdered in 2008.

J K Rowling fashion jewelry || harry potter and the halfblood prince

helena bonham carter fashion accessories || harry potter and the halfblood prince

emma watson handmade accessories || harry potter and the halfblood prince

bonnie wright fashion trends || harry potter and the halfblood prince


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fashion Jewelry: Sophisticated Fashion Trends

Fashion jewelry and woman go hand in hand. Hardly a woman is immune to the allure of a fashion accessories store. Fine handcrafted jewelry, jade jewelry, gold jewelry - the range is wide, the possibilities are endless! Since time immemorial, this lustrous metal has held people in awe and amazement.

artisan jewelry || fashion jewelry || fashion accessories

Gold jewelry is now crafted keeping changing fashion trends and fashion in mind. You can pick up exquisite pieces like jewelry rings and gold charms and even baby jewelry in various hues and shades. White, rose and pink gold jewelry find many takers. Colored alloys such as nickel, palladium and copper are added to the precious metal to craft intricate patterns in colored gold jewelry.

Gold has been a favorite with jewelers on account of its beauty and ease of workmanship. Fashion jewelry is a rage with younger women - hip-hop earrings, necklaces, beaded jewelry and jewelry set with precious stones such as fashion cuffs. body piercing jewelry also finds favor with many. Jewelry is an excellent gift for someone you love. The sparkle in the woman's eyes can only be complemented by diamonds.

Custom designed jewelry item set in diamonds or zircon can be an everlasting symbol of your feelings. Designer jewelry appeals to those who wish to buy one-of-a-kind ornaments and gifts such as jewelry watch and antique jewelry. Wedding jewelry is an important segment of the jewelry industry. No fashionista is complete without being adorned by jewelry.

Source: TargetWoman

Monday, July 6, 2009

Set your Mood with Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is the type of piece you would wear on special occasions or to fun events that happen every now and then. It comes in many styles, designs, and colors to choose. Some of them even look like the real thing but are much cheaper to purchase. You will be able to find fashion jewelry that will fit in with the current trends in fashion and they will go with many of your outfits perfectly. Whatever pieces you like, you can pick to wear without feeling bad about the choice. You can use the special pieces to express your individual styles or mood without spending a lot to do it.

fashion jewelry || fashion accessories

Most of us know that some of the artisan jewelry can be sensitive for the skin in some individuals. The metal used in the jewelry reacts with their body chemistry and causes a negative reaction. If you want to give this type of jewelry as a gift, make sure the individual getting the gift does not have this problem.

Fashion jewelry is for fun and not to be an impression maker. You can add more pieces of it to your collection because they do not cost as much as precious items. This means more mixing and matching with outfits and more fun and expression of your moods. If you are the type of person who gets bored easily, you can change your pieces out or buy another to suit your current mood and not worry about spending a lot for it.

Feel free to express yourself with fashion jewelry pieces and designs.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Be Creative with Your Fashion Accessories

Most of us love fashion accessories, some might say the more the better but that isn't necessarily true. Read this article to gain a few tips on choosing the right fashion accessories for your outfit.

fashion accessories || artisan jewelry

Know what you have: Check out all your fashion jewelry and accessories including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and whatever else you may have.

Categorize every accessory: Put all necklaces together, all rings together and so on. If you have matching sets put them together as well.

Pick an outfit: Put on outfit you need accessories for. What color is the outfit? Focus on the shirt or the pants.

Now choose coordinating colored accessories: At first, choose one of each accessory to go with your outfit. Now one by one eliminate an accessory until you have achieved the simple but fashionable accessories that compliment your outfit.

Keep an eye in the different styles to get new creative ideas. Be creative and imaginative.

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