Friday, May 18, 2012

Stand Out from the Crowd with Feather Accessories

While birds of a feather may flock together, one Boulder-based jewelry designer is making feathered accessories that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Liliana Aguilar, who started an Etsy shop called Plooms, has always had a passion for creating handmade accessories. And when she came across a pair of feather earrings at a local store, she was inspired to create her own. “I was stunned at how gorgeous the feathers were,” she says. “At that point I realized I wanted to share my own version of this creation. I started using very simple feathers and later moved on to using different exotic feathers. I loved how each pair presented its own design and came to life like two little birds.”
Aguilar finds that the natural beauty of feathers translates well into her pieces and the people who wear them. While she started out making just earrings, her designs have quickly blossomed into necklaces, hair clips and other miscellaneous accessories. “Soon after I discovered feathers, I discovered the art of fabric folding known as Kanzashi,” she says. “The fabric folding style is a traditional Japanese technique that is used to create hair ornaments. I immediately personalized the art form and created a fresh new line of hair accessories and necklaces. I love how the style can be versatile so that I can create something whimsical and fun or design something sleek and classy – something to wear for a night out or to wear for your wedding.”

She likes to play around with different color combinations – some items are rainbow colored and eccentric – but she also creates neutral-colored designs that can go along amazingly with any outfit. “Plooms accessories are perfect for jazzing up outfits because they are all so individual that I can honestly say you won’t find my kind of work anywhere else,” she says. “I love to see my feather earrings worn with summer dresses, jean shorts and beach wear. My feather fascinators and Kanzashi jewelry look amazing with winter wear and fall-time outfits.”

In addition to being inspired by the birds themselves, Aguilar also finds inspiration from the would-be wearers of her designs. “I’m inspired by all the pretty faces in public,” she says. “Sometimes I spot girls in public with a pretty hairstyle, hair color or a gorgeous outfit. From that point on, I’m able to come up with Fashion accessories.” By opening her Plooms Etsy shop, Aguilar has found a way to go wild with her newfound creativity while also being able to circulate her designs. “Colorado itself is so beautiful and so unique that it deserves to have a fashion scene to match it,” she says. “Plooms defines my fashion identity, and it allows me to integrate my creative ideas into this wonderful environment.”


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