Saturday, November 26, 2011

Spring 2012 Handbags by Marc Jacobs

Designer handbags have always conquered women's hearts and the new handbag designs featured for the upcoming season demonstrate clearly the power these fashion accessories have over fashion and style. One of the , that attracted a generous amount of attention was created by renowned fashion and accessories designer Marc Jacobs, and since the new fashion trends are striking back to the past to help bring back some timeless classics reinvented to suit the contemporary needs, the designer's new handbag collections follows this path, bringing to the surface timeless classics as well as super fresh designs that steal the spotlight.

The upcoming spring 2012 handbag collection signed Marc Jacobs underlines the importance of diversity with a myriad of stylish classic and modern designs are featured to cover various outfit styles. From gorgeous clutches, to adorable and practical totes, the collection brings soft, classic lines refreshed through the use of color, prints as well as fringes.

Fringes gives movement and give a certain bohemian allure to the collection, however the details are far from heavy. The cool coloration of the fabrics, whether monochrome or featuring cool color combos and even polka dots, help emphasize the funky fresh approach of the collection, details that couldn't match better the new season tendencies.  However, classic hues that will never loose their elegance are also presented colors such as white, black, light pink and brown tones, so if you're all about underlining your elegance, go for timeless pieces that will never fail.
The deluxe, high end style of the collection is made visible from first glimpse, not only through the perfect details and lines the bags feature but through the high quality fabrics used for every design. From cool snakeskin print fabric to leather and suede, the fabrics ooze elegance, and this detail alone makes the new Marc Jacobs spring 2012 handbags a must have!


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