Friday, June 27, 2014


Having a hard time thinking how to get to your all time favorite store? You don’t have to worry about long travels to grab that fashion-savvy pieces you dearly desire because Maldita is the one who will come and reach you now!

Maldita, our best-loved brand known for its contemporary designs and high quality apparels, is now accessible everywhere! Currently, the brand has twenty nine available stores nationwide. There are fourteen adorable retail stores in Metro Manila, eight in Luzon, five in Visayas, and two in Mindanao. You can check out the specific mall location of each boutique on the Store page of their official website.

Every Maldita shop has a simple and classy concept that goes along with the vogue of their apparels. Each has spacious place with a very light and sophisticated ambiance where you can take time looking for your style. You can also easily see the brand’s newest collection worn by mannequins on the facade of every store. 

So what are you waiting for? Get up now and go to the available stores near you!


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