Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turning a smartphone accessory into a fashion accessory

An Australian company called PlusUs believes that the humble USB charging cable is in dire need of a makeover, especially as it's an accessory most of us are forced to carry around with us everywhere we go.
The logic is simple. A smartphone is as much a lifestyle accessory or a fashion statement as it is a mobile communications device, so why can't its accessories look equally as good? 

Enter LifeStar -- a new take on the charging cable that in terms of look and feel has more in common with a couture bag or hand-made belt.

That's because rather than black or white plastic, these iPhone or Android handset cables are sheathed in leathers or denim  -- there's even a snakeskin patterned model -- and feature double stitching and plaited finishes. But whatever the style, each one is hand-crafted. 

"Cables are an unloved accessory that we have to live with. So we set the challenge to reimagine a cable that we want to live with," said Fays Sekkouah, Co-Founder of PlusUs.

Announced on Wednesday, the initial fall collection of seven different styles will go on sale on September 15.

The cables are available as 1 meter or 25cm cables and prices will start at $19.90.


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