Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion Accessories the In-demand gifts

Fashion Jewelry is one of the most in-demand gifts for both men and women. Since time immemorial, the use of jewelry transcends other Fashion Accessories to exude opulence and style. And the more jewelry you have on, the better.

But somehow, going over the top with jewelry and other accessories for that matter has its down-turns. For instance, super chunky bracelets and Fashion Cuffs on both wrists may be too exaggerated if not too trying hard to look fashionable. Or those multi-tiered Statement Necklaces that don’t match with your outfit may look outdated as a result.

For some women, the more jewelry, the better. But for some, they want it classic and minimalistic; which is still okay overall.

So if you’re planning to give yourself or a friend the gift of jewelry, here are a few suggestions:

Go for gold: Yes, gold is still in and it is expensive. Gold is a precious metal that increases in value over time. However, this is a very good investment and experts suggest buying more gold while the prices are still lower. But these days, the prices have doubled compared to a few years ago.

On the fashion side, gold is a classic and it is never outdated. Though some designs may be a bit traditional or old-fashioned, still, many women enjoy the elegance of wearing gold jewelry. So if you’re planning to get one for yourself or a set for your friend, choose designs that are classic and complementary to the receiver’s fashion sense.

Silver is still in: Silver is still a popular choice secondary to gold. It is less expensive, but still never goes out of style. The best quality silver is 95.5% with the remaining percent specific for alloys. The designs have also changed for silver jewelry. You’ll seldom see silver filigree since it is quite an outdated design. But if you do have one, keep it safe since jewelry fashion trends change and may come back.

Look for silver Fashion Cuffs or bangles, chunky bracelets and charms since these are the most popular styles among women. Single silver charm bracelets and Chunky Necklaces became popular in the late 20th century and it is still IN nowadays because of its classic and simple design.

Anything goes and in-betweens: There’s no huge gap between the classic and contemporary jewelry Fashion Trends styles in terms of the trends that this accessory had seen for years. There may be some exceptions particularly on materials such as wooden jewelry which is SO OUT these days. Other materials such as cubic zirconium, resin and other semi-precious stones have their own following.

The bottom line is if you have one of each, the better. Be careful to mix and match though, because not every piece can complement the other.

Mixing and matching jewelry with the latest styles in clothing is a never-ending experiment among women. Designers have their hands full every time there is something new and unique. Jewelry can never be an exception particularly for the fashionista because it enhances the natural beauty, style and character of every woman.

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