Monday, September 14, 2009

The Right Fashion Accessories for your Body Type

Do choose Fashion Accessories that compliment your body-type - for those of you not interested in color, size may matter – add a Chunky Necklaces or Fashion Cuffs,and you’re good to go. Please use the right jewelry size for your body types.

Petite women should stay away from the big-long chunky stones that these 6 foot tall models are showcasing on the Fashion Trends runways. You don’t want to overwhelm your look. I’m a huge fan of long necklaces because they tend to make you appear taller and more slender, especially if you’re wearing black.

fashion jewelry || body type

For those of you with warm skin undertones, try the red/orange color combos. For cool undertones, blues/greens will be great.

Do choose accessories that compliment the occasion - for the office or business meeting, thin belts and brooches go well with any corporate look. For the night out on the town, pick up a bohemian bag or low slung belt. Add the perfect heels or flats and voila!

Do change things up a bit - wear your fabulous red/orange combo scarf as a belt or put your sassy brooch on your purse or use as a belt buckle for the scarf. Mixing it up keeps your style fresh and sassy.

Do not overdo it – try no more than 2 0r 3 accessories with each outfit. Wearing too much jewelry may look tacky and flashy, and please stay away from the Mardi Gras beads, except of course, if you’re at Mardi Gras or away on Spring Break in Key West.

The most important thing to remember when accessorizing is that an accessory is just that – an accessory. It merely complements your outfit. The accessory should never be the only thing people notice about you. You are the focal point of any outfit.



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