Friday, September 11, 2009

Jeans and Fashion Jewelry? How to Wear Them Together

One of the challenges I see as a Fashion Jewelry trends are many women just don’t know how to pick out items that fit their every day attire. It can be very simple if you understand one component of jewelry. The chain. That’s right; a Chunky Necklaces can be made to look very fancy or very casual just by the chain that all of the elements are on. A simple ball chain gives a very casual look. This kind of chain resembles that chain that often is found on dog tags or key chains; only on necklaces it is usually smaller. Another casual chain is the link chain, and it looks just like it sounds, made up of small oval links. Other very casual elements are burlap, fabric/rope, or leather cords.

fashion jewelry

Matte or brushed silver or gold definitely create a more casual look as do hammered silver or gold elements. All of these look great with jeans. If you want a dressier look with jeans, simply add a pearl strand or a crystal necklace for more pizzazz. Be sure though to wear the right shoes with the dressier jewelry. Some ankle boots or ballerina flats are great as are wedge sandals.

So what makes a necklace dressier? Again, usually it is the chain that it is on. Some chains have much more sparkle and shine than others; if you are going for glam, go for the sparkling chain. Dressier chains also have much smaller links and interestingly enough, the links seem to be round, as opposed to oval. Another element of higher glamour is the faceted briolette stone. When it is in a solitaire setting and very sparkly it creates a highly glamorous look. Can you still wear this type of necklace with jeans? Yes, absolutely, as long as you have the right top with it and the right shoes and handbag.

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