Latest Fashion Accessories 2011

This fall fashion season invest in timeless pieces that will compliment your wardrobe and give some unexpected and incredible fashion flair. Fashion Accessories are all about creating detail and adding texture, color and visual appeal to one’s outfit.

Paper Fashion Accessories

Stunning shoes and Fashion Accessories made from paper might not be the most practical of fashion items, but at least they have the benefit of being fully recyclable, unlike most conventional shoes and Fashion Jewelry.

The Power of Pearls in Fashion Trends

When you think about pearl jewelry, the first thing that strikes the mind is the elegant pearl necklace or an earring. Pearls are always associated with the simplicity as well as elegance. However, there is an increase in the Fashion Trends of designer pearl jewelry.

Fun Ways To Wear Your Fashion Jewelry

As with everything else in life, sometimes we fall into habits in how we wear our Fashion Jewelry. We put the brooch on out left shoulder, we wear the same necklace with the same dress and the same earrings. This article will help stimulate your thinking about how you wear jewelry. Try these other ways of wearing your pins to extend your fashion jewelry vocabulary.

Know the Secrets of Fashion Accessories

Using Fashion Accessories in different ways is one of the easiest ways to make you look like you have a larger wardrobe than you do. By adding a scarf, subtracting a belt, rotating shoes, etc., you can make a small inventory of clothes look like a bottomless closet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Worth It

The best gifts are often times the ones that you get the most use out of and the ones that you are able to enjoy on a day-to-day basis. As much as I would like to think I have places to wear diamonds and fancy gowns, the reality is that chances are they will only make it out of my wardrobe once every few years. This isn’t to say that Fashion Jewelry doesn’t make a great gift. It is important when you are picking out jewelry for someone that you match their style.

Fashion Accessories Store

There are many Fashion Accessories Store that offers many Handcrafted Jewelry. Many of them have something to match any look at any price range. For someone with a more laid back casual day to day style, the woven Fashion Cuffs are one of a great way to add a little flair to an outfit without overdoing it. For your other friends and family members, these Online Fashion Accessory also have stunning handcrafted Chunky Necklaces and earrings that can be worn at a business office or even for a night out with the girls. Especially when you’re in a working environment where you are limited to a uniform or strict dress code.

Handcrafted Jewelry is a great way to show off your personal style. They are elegant and sleek but has character and originality that makes it one of a kind.

Source: Guide to Gift Giving - Unique Gift Ideas

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009 Emmy Awards Dazzle Again

This weekend’s Emmy Awards saw several stunning styles of gowns and Fashion Jewelry!

One of the best dressed on the red carpet was “House MD” actress Olivia Wilde. Wearing a form fitting Marchesa gown, Olivia kept her Fashion Accessories to a minimum with peardrop dangle earrings and a dazzling tennis Fashion Cuffs.

emmy awards || fashion trends

While some people of the ladies kept their jewelry styles simple with their stunning designer gowns - Drew Barrymore and her large pearl stud earrings, Kate Walsh with simple gold jewelry accessories to highlight her blue dress, and Mila Kunis with her Fred Leighton jewels - there were still others who went all out with eye popping jewelry!

emmy awards || fashion accessories

Ginnifer Goodwin looked stunning with a simple fuscia gown and eye catching emerald cut Chunky Necklace. Most stunning of all was Mariska Hargitay’s tightly fitted gown and glamours diamond and ruby necklace!

Quite the array of celeb beauty and fashion this weekend. A great way start for this year’s award season!

Source: Jewelry from the Stars

Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 Emmy Awards & Jewelry Fashion Trends

Drop earrings were definitely favored by the attendees of the 2009 Emmy Awards. Various sizes and shapes were seen on the red carpet and one of the most memorable were gold hoop earrings wore by Rachael Ray which matched perfectly her gown detailed with beaded Necklaces.

Fashion Trends || Emmy Awards

Julie Berman, Kirsten Storms, Thea Andrews and Jenny Garth chose designs by famous Fashion Jewelry designer – Neil Lane. Many stars opted for classic diamond jewelry set in platinum and white gold. Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless) sported white gold, diamond and crystal earrings from Spanish brand Carrera y Carrera. Heather Tom chose pearls and white gold.

Tyra Banks who won Emmy award for "Informative Talk Show” created simple but elegant look wearing coral Rachel Roy dress and single metal Fashion Cuffs on each wrist.

The most common companions for earrings were bold cocktail rings or diamond bracelets, with many stars choosing to balance their looks with a single large ring.

Source: Women's Blog

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Jewelry Fashion Trends

You have probably noticed that the some of the hottest jewelry Fashion Trends from Fall 2008/Winter 2009 such as decadently embellished pieces and dramatic Necklaces are still resonating today. This Fall, some of the same rules will apply, but the colors will become much richer as the temperatures begin to decline. Jewelry design insiders are whispering that the next “big thing” is going to shake up the color and texture palette of your jewelry arsenal. Rumor has it that one of the major jewelry trends is going to have a Russian folkloric theme. These ornately designed pieces will be swathed in rich colors such as cobalt blue, purple, ruby, forest green, black and gold. Think of gorgeous, ornately detailed necklaces, earrings, bangles and rings that boast scintillating gemstones, tassels and charms.

But let’s get back to the basics; there are a few trends that are all the rage right now which you can still wear during the fall/winter season. That doesn’t mean you will still be able to wear those turquoise chandelier earrings…no, these colors should have a darker hue. The goal of your fall/winter accessories is to perfect a subtle mix of jewelry that can take you from day to night. This new trend takes its cue from seemingly casual colors and extravagantly sparkling jewelry that will be a major look for the upcoming holiday season. Designers are infusing semi-precious and opaque stones with canorous colors to complete the look of any style maven, whether she is in the office or on a date. A myriad of designers are also keeping the economy in mind as well, as there will be a lot of pieces that have a high-end look with an affordable price tag. So, on your quest for some new fall and winter staple pieces, be vigilant in your search for gemstones that add a rich burst of alluring colors and textures to your look.

This Fall re-think your…..

Statement Necklaces

These brassy accessories are still making a huge impact in the fashion world. Designers such as Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani and Chanel are adorning their models with these bold pieces in a variety of gasp-inducing ways.

tribal society

These necklaces flaunt large gemstones and/or over-sized shapes against muted color schemes. Look for eclectic bold pieces that infuse various textures within the design such as ribbons vs. metal and woods vs. gemstones. These necklaces are to be worn with little if any other jewelry. They are a great way to stay on trend while exuding a look that seems like it required a minimal effort.

fashion accessories

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are perfect fall/winter accessories because they are typically embellished with gorgeous gemstones that elegantly cascade down the ears and frame a woman’s face beautifully. This season look for earrings with intense color palettes such as infusions of fuchsia with garnet or deep olive greens with topaz. A burst of fierce color and glistening gemstones creates a striking contrast that gives any ensemble a touch of alluring glamour.

fashion jewelry

Fluid Torsade Necklaces

You are probably thinking, “Aren’t these the necklaces that women used to wear in the 80’s?” Yes, they are and, yes, you will see updated versions of them in stores this Fall. These necklaces flaunt classic silhouettes that look great on any woman and look great for years to come. Today’s torsade necklace packs a modern twist; with satin ties as clasps, enchanting charms and various sized chains to give them an edgier feel.

Embellished Bracelets

A number of bracelets this fall/winter are going to feature gemstones in a myriad of stunning ways. Whether you are into the eclectic, the classic, the modern or the edgier looks, this season’s on-trend choices all have one thing in common…more embellishments. Even the more casual stretchy Fashion Cuffs are getting a makeover this fall…a growing number of designers are trying to create the perfect balance between comfort and beauty. You can never go wrong with that combination.

frashion cuffs

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are items that will never really go out of style. There is always a party or event where you will be holding a champagne glass and you will definitely need a ring that makes a statement. This upcoming season you should look for oversize gemstones, eclectic patterns and gloss to accentuate your signature look. Some designers are showcasing clean looks by combining gemstones and woods. Fabrizio Giannone’s contributions are not only gorgeous, but give an understated option for the often over-the-top looks from last season.

latest fashion accessories

Coco Chanel once said that “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” However far-fetched that may sound to some, there is some truth to it. One can look at jewelry from any given time period and get an idea of what was occurring in that society. During the Renaissance era, the jewelry was extremely decadent. During the Victorian era, jewelry conveyed a prim and proper delicacy that was considered standard behavior for women. What will be the mood this season? It seems that a lot of designers are still tapped into the idea of using unconventional materials this season, perhaps filling that need for a little decadence during an uncertain financial time. This Fall, don’t be afraid to wear pieces that are considered over-the-top. Add just a few of these fall pieces from each category to your jewelry arsenal and…voilĂ …you’re on trend.

Source: The Fashion Time Magazine

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Latest Fashion Trends in Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry trends come and go faster than the wind blows, it seems. What is hot in jewelry one year isn't even in fashion the next. So, what are the current Fashion Trends in fashion jewelry and where are things headed?

Fashion Trends || Fashion Jewelry

Predicting the future in trendy looking jewelry is basically impossible to do. But, with that said we can take a look at where things seem to be headed.

The punk look is dying out. For many, this is good news and a blessing at that. It looks as if costume jewelry or what you called Artisan Jewelry is becoming the new "in" look now.

Sparkling jewelry that really stands out is becoming hot. The more glittering the better.

Rhinestones are also making a comeback of sorts as the girly look is becoming more prominent today.

Fashion Cuffs on both wrists that sparkle seem to be fashionable as well.

Fashion jewelry that isn't in right now includes large chains, toe rings and big earrings. Small chains are fine, and always will be for that matter. Silver seems to be the color of choice.

Classic styles such as single stone diamond earrings and pendants are always in fashion. The same can be said for rubies and emeralds.

White or black pearls are also popular in single strand Necklaces or earrings. While not as dazzling or sparkling, pearls always give someone a chic look and appeal.

This is where we are currently in the Fashion Accessories world. But, if this is not your style just wait a little as things will undoubtedly be different by this time next year.


Monday, September 14, 2009

The Right Fashion Accessories for your Body Type

Do choose Fashion Accessories that compliment your body-type - for those of you not interested in color, size may matter – add a Chunky Necklaces or Fashion Cuffs,and you’re good to go. Please use the right jewelry size for your body types.

Petite women should stay away from the big-long chunky stones that these 6 foot tall models are showcasing on the Fashion Trends runways. You don’t want to overwhelm your look. I’m a huge fan of long necklaces because they tend to make you appear taller and more slender, especially if you’re wearing black.

fashion jewelry || body type

For those of you with warm skin undertones, try the red/orange color combos. For cool undertones, blues/greens will be great.

Do choose accessories that compliment the occasion - for the office or business meeting, thin belts and brooches go well with any corporate look. For the night out on the town, pick up a bohemian bag or low slung belt. Add the perfect heels or flats and voila!

Do change things up a bit - wear your fabulous red/orange combo scarf as a belt or put your sassy brooch on your purse or use as a belt buckle for the scarf. Mixing it up keeps your style fresh and sassy.

Do not overdo it – try no more than 2 0r 3 accessories with each outfit. Wearing too much jewelry may look tacky and flashy, and please stay away from the Mardi Gras beads, except of course, if you’re at Mardi Gras or away on Spring Break in Key West.

The most important thing to remember when accessorizing is that an accessory is just that – an accessory. It merely complements your outfit. The accessory should never be the only thing people notice about you. You are the focal point of any outfit.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Jeans and Fashion Jewelry? How to Wear Them Together

One of the challenges I see as a Fashion Jewelry trends are many women just don’t know how to pick out items that fit their every day attire. It can be very simple if you understand one component of jewelry. The chain. That’s right; a Chunky Necklaces can be made to look very fancy or very casual just by the chain that all of the elements are on. A simple ball chain gives a very casual look. This kind of chain resembles that chain that often is found on dog tags or key chains; only on necklaces it is usually smaller. Another casual chain is the link chain, and it looks just like it sounds, made up of small oval links. Other very casual elements are burlap, fabric/rope, or leather cords.

fashion jewelry

Matte or brushed silver or gold definitely create a more casual look as do hammered silver or gold elements. All of these look great with jeans. If you want a dressier look with jeans, simply add a pearl strand or a crystal necklace for more pizzazz. Be sure though to wear the right shoes with the dressier jewelry. Some ankle boots or ballerina flats are great as are wedge sandals.

So what makes a necklace dressier? Again, usually it is the chain that it is on. Some chains have much more sparkle and shine than others; if you are going for glam, go for the sparkling chain. Dressier chains also have much smaller links and interestingly enough, the links seem to be round, as opposed to oval. Another element of higher glamour is the faceted briolette stone. When it is in a solitaire setting and very sparkly it creates a highly glamorous look. Can you still wear this type of necklace with jeans? Yes, absolutely, as long as you have the right top with it and the right shoes and handbag.

Source: Trader Lou

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion Accessories the In-demand gifts

Fashion Jewelry is one of the most in-demand gifts for both men and women. Since time immemorial, the use of jewelry transcends other Fashion Accessories to exude opulence and style. And the more jewelry you have on, the better.

But somehow, going over the top with jewelry and other accessories for that matter has its down-turns. For instance, super chunky bracelets and Fashion Cuffs on both wrists may be too exaggerated if not too trying hard to look fashionable. Or those multi-tiered Statement Necklaces that don’t match with your outfit may look outdated as a result.

For some women, the more jewelry, the better. But for some, they want it classic and minimalistic; which is still okay overall.

So if you’re planning to give yourself or a friend the gift of jewelry, here are a few suggestions:

Go for gold: Yes, gold is still in and it is expensive. Gold is a precious metal that increases in value over time. However, this is a very good investment and experts suggest buying more gold while the prices are still lower. But these days, the prices have doubled compared to a few years ago.

On the fashion side, gold is a classic and it is never outdated. Though some designs may be a bit traditional or old-fashioned, still, many women enjoy the elegance of wearing gold jewelry. So if you’re planning to get one for yourself or a set for your friend, choose designs that are classic and complementary to the receiver’s fashion sense.

Silver is still in: Silver is still a popular choice secondary to gold. It is less expensive, but still never goes out of style. The best quality silver is 95.5% with the remaining percent specific for alloys. The designs have also changed for silver jewelry. You’ll seldom see silver filigree since it is quite an outdated design. But if you do have one, keep it safe since jewelry fashion trends change and may come back.

Look for silver Fashion Cuffs or bangles, chunky bracelets and charms since these are the most popular styles among women. Single silver charm bracelets and Chunky Necklaces became popular in the late 20th century and it is still IN nowadays because of its classic and simple design.

Anything goes and in-betweens: There’s no huge gap between the classic and contemporary jewelry Fashion Trends styles in terms of the trends that this accessory had seen for years. There may be some exceptions particularly on materials such as wooden jewelry which is SO OUT these days. Other materials such as cubic zirconium, resin and other semi-precious stones have their own following.

The bottom line is if you have one of each, the better. Be careful to mix and match though, because not every piece can complement the other.

Mixing and matching jewelry with the latest styles in clothing is a never-ending experiment among women. Designers have their hands full every time there is something new and unique. Jewelry can never be an exception particularly for the fashionista because it enhances the natural beauty, style and character of every woman.

Source: Drew

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stand Out With Your Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry change the effect of an outfit on a person. The jewelry can either be huge, tiny or even unnoticeable. You desire to select a jewelry that would perfectly fit your dress. In choosing the right jewelry in a specific occasion, you must know what kind will match your dress, your shoes, your skin tone and even your eyes. Using logic you can definitely collect a perfect jewelry for your dress but this would be meaningless if you don’t know how to wear and project your jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry || Tribal Society

Make Your Own Style

You really don’t need to be a celebrity or a superstar to be the center of attention in a gathering. It can be studied consciously, observing and copying people who know how to bring their selves. Most importantly you can have a style of your own but taking note that it is not as simple as that. You have to pass through many hardships, practice and studying in order to establish a style of you own.

Select for The Occasion

Select Fashion Accessories that is fit for the occasion. Gold jewelry and Akoya pearls are able to be worn either on a cocktail party or formal gathering. The look great for going to the workplace. Some people even exercise wearing jewelry and feel great in doing so.

How to Select Jewelry

If you don’t know how to select the right jewelry for the latest Fashion Trends, consider your size, the colors of the outfit and where you are going to wear the outfit. Try for a balanced look that shows who you are and how wonderful you are. The feeling of being great with your outfit certainly adds beauty and life to you. You can never be wrong with a classic jewelry because the main reason why it’s called as such is due to the fact that it can be worn with anything. You can wear your classic jewelry with a dress and you can wear it with jeans. Just remember to wear these pieces of jewelry with attitude and class.

Source: The Jewelry Blog

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How To Complete your Outfit with Tribal Jewelry

Have you ever finished getting ready for a big night out or a day of work and just felt like your outfit was lacking some finishing touch? Some Fashion Accessory that will polish off your look and pull everything together? If so, consider adding one of the most popular Fashion Trends of the season – a cocktail ring. And not to worry, we're not talking about diamonds here, instead, it's all about Tribal Jewelry. It can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. They act as the icing on the cake as they help to compliment the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

Tribal Fashion

One of the biggest trends of the moment involves costume jewelry and Artisan Jewelry fit perfectly into that mold. You can express yourself and your personality in a fun way through chunky, fun designs and over the top settings. On the other hand, Handcrafted Accessories can also be refined, helping you to pull off classic chic. Go vintage cool by wearing a few Fashion Cuffs with blouses of lace, satin, silk or chiffon. Pair one of these tops with a pencil skirt or a pair of tailored jeans for a great look that will take you from office to happy hour.

Tribal Jewelry are a fantastic way to do a quick outfit update. With big bold stones or a pop of color, they can make or break your outfit. Handmade Jewelry are great for woman of any age.

Source: Fashion Jewelry Blog

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