Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Loom Band Craze! How to Make Loom Bracelets and Animals

They started as a playground fad but Loom bands have turned into a fashion accessory worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Harry Styles.
Multi-colored elastic band bracelets have gone from a children's toy to a must-have fashion accessory. Loom bands, which come in every color imaginable, can be weaved into animals, decorations and keyrings - but it's the bracelets that are taking the world by storm.

Even Kate Middleton has been seen wearing one of the weaved rubber-band accessories. The Duchess wore a red and blue Loom after a little girl gave it to her as a present while she was on her New Zealand tour.

Since then the fashion accessories have been spotted on celebs including One Direction's Harry Styles and pop princess Miley Cyrus. The crafty toy has swept the globe and children from every country are begging their parents to buy them a lopper kit.

In fact they are the best selling toy in the world right now and more than 3million Looms have been snapped up since they first hit toy store shelves in 2011. And the global phenomenon, designed by US entrepreneur Cheong Choon Ng, shows no signs of slowing.

Learn how to get creative with the how-to videos below;


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