Saturday, July 12, 2014

Marvelous Molds Launches New Fashion Accessory Silicone Mold Line by Elisa Strauss

Last week, Marvelous Molds launched an innovative, new line of silicone molds featuring popular fashion accessories inspired by cake artist, Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes.
The Fashion Accessory Line includes highly engineered silicone molds that have never been implemented by any mold making company. These molds are designed to be used to decorate edible gum paste shoes, handbag cakes and other fashion related cakes.

The line includes 16 new silicone molds: a Spike Strap Mold, Lizard Impression Mat, Zipper and Pull Mold set, Bird With Blossoms Silicone Onlay™, three different sizes of open link chains, three different buckles, Gathered Bow, Vintage Bow, Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay™, Pearl Paragon Mold, Pearl Radiance Mold and the Skull Cameo Mold.

Elisa Strauss has created two videos demonstrating the use and application of molds from this new product line: Bird with Blossoms Silicone Onlay™ and Spike, Chains and Buckles.

Strauss first approached Marvelous Molds with the idea of creating a realistic alligator skin mold for a handbag cake. The collaborative effort evolved over time into a collection that includes accessories befitting any fashion application in cake decorating.

"The inspiration behind this collection came from the fabulous shoes out in the world right now. Hardware is the main attraction! I know from making cakes for over 15 years that to replicate these objects can take hours - so working with Marvelous Molds has been a dream come true. To make silicone molds that will stand the test of time and make pieces of sugar come to life resembling real fashion objects is amazing. Buckles that look like real pieces of metal, bows that have the folds found in fabric and a Silicone Onlay™ that replicates a real textile design- nothing like this has ever been done before to make it so easy for the cake designer." – Elisa Strauss, Confetti Cakes.

Silicone Onlays™ are 3D stencils made from food-grade silicone, an innovation invented by Marvelous Molds. These unique molds allow bakers and cake decorators to apply complicated designs in fondant/gum paste directly to the sides of a cake with precision, saving hours in time spent hand cutting and applying them.

Marvelous Molds strives to achieve authenticity in design when developing their silicone molds. The Lizard Impression Mat was created using a genuine lizard skin – one that was thoroughly researched for texture and appearance – to derive the most desirable impression for fashion cake applications.

"Our goal is to develop silicone molds that increase productivity while offering beautiful and unique designs that are difficult to create by hand. The immediate response from our customers has confirmed that the Fashion Accessory line is a great success." – Chef Dominic Palazzolo, Marvelous Molds owner.

Marvelous Molds, a subsidiary of Culinart, Inc., has been designing high quality, food-grade silicone molds for the home and retail baking and cake decorating market since 2010. The company currently collaborates with renowned cake decorators Elisa Strauss, Earlene Moore and Marina Sousa to offer the foremost designs in silicone molds. Marvelous Molds also produces their own highly successful line of silicone molds and patent pending Silicone Onlays™. Marvelous Molds' products are each individually designed to produce an edible decoration in the most efficient manner possible. Each design implements patent pending advancements, a hallmark of the company.


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