Monday, September 5, 2011

Tips on Wedding fashion Accessory Part 1

Your wedding day is near you got yourself a bridal gown, but you still feel incomplete and you need to be ‘a little different from the others’. Well the details count, especially in taking a dress form plain to WOW! Choosing your Wedding Fashion accessories well will surely ensure that you stand out! Here is the first part of the good tips in choosing Bridal fashion Accessories.

An inherent part of any wedding is the veil. Veil is perhaps the most important wedding accessory too. Veil adds mystery, drama and enigma to the wearer and as such, while choosing a veil, much thought is put into it.

One layer veils
The most popular amongst wedding accessories is the single layer veil option. Usually made in the net fabric, which is dyed to match the colour of the main wedding gown, this is the simplest of the veil options you may come across. As the name suggests, the fabric in this veil is in a single layer and may have interesting variations by having a satin or ribbon edge, a scalloped embroidered edge. You may even opt for a rhinestone or pearl lined edge to add some shimmer and glamour to an otherwise plain veil. You could choose to have the veil cover your face completely or just hang towards the back side.

Two layer veils
Similar to a single layer veil, the wedding accessory of two layer veil – has two layers of fabric and can have multiple options as discussed above to make it interesting. Two layer veils look great as they add a certain body to the veil, without taking away its mystery and charisma. Method of wearing a veil could be many and varied – choose one which makes you feel confident.

Cage veils
As the name suggests, covers your face. Made in net fabric with bigger holes – almost resembling fishnet, this veil is not for the faint hearted as this wedding accessory is usually considered fashion forward. Cage veils are usually shorter than traditional veils and are adorned with feathers, corsages, flowers and sometimes even mini hats. Choose this veil, if you want to stand out from the other brides as this wedding accessory has the power of transforming you in seconds!

This is the first Part, I'll just post the remaining wedding accessory on my next post :)


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