Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wildlife Inspired Pieces of Fashion Jewelry

Nature and wildlife is now the favorite of many fashion and jewellery designers, as more and more jewellery pieces are taking inspirations from the natural resources of the earth. As media becomes more nature-inspired and eco-conscious, so does the jewellery world. Each season, a new plant or animals seems to be added to the fine lines of jewellery. Some of them even resemble the themes from North America while some even take modern versions from those themes during the movement of Art Nouveau.
Whether it has taken inspiration from something as big as an elephant or as small as a worm, the rationale behind the popularity of wildlife inspired jewellery is attributed much to the delivery’s originality instead of the message itself. The snake and owl are practically everywhere, and so are the leaf and twig designs, especially when you have them dangling from both your ears and make them encircle your wrist.

There are already several companies that have taken one step further and opted to use earth friendly metals. As more and more people are becoming aware of the destructions suffered by the earth, such companies decided to go against the aggressive practices used in mining metals and stones. When using wildlife inspired jewellery, the meanings of such figures are usually aesthetic and personal. Even if the designs commonly have the touch and feel of Art Nouveau, jewellery designers still have their own stories on how they came up with such designs.
Using materials that are inspired by the North Americans such as turquoise and feathers has already become mainstream these days in many jewellery shops. Although some of the precious stones and symbol do have more than superficial meanings, others are being used mainly for the aesthetic beauty that they have.

Modern designers from North America are actually influenced by the processes that are eco-friendly as well as the natural themes of the wildlife, not only in jewellery but in fashion as a whole. Pat Pruitt, for example, used stingray skin in making the belt buckle. Meanwhile, deer antler parts and fashioned stones were used by Mike Bird Romero in coming up with several designs that he has created.
Most of these wildlife inspired jewellery are actually the fruits of the travels that were usually taken by many jewellery designers. More often than not, their muses are actually what they see during these travels which are actually wildlife most of the time. Snake bangles are good examples of these wildlife inspired jewellery pieces that has sustained the popularity that they had ten years ago.

Truly, the jewellery pieces that have taken inspiration from the wildlife have become really popular among all jewellery lovers. But aside from their beauty, let us not forget that they also serve as a great reminder that nature itself is wonderful on its own and this beauty must be taken care of by all means. In a way, using wildlife inspired pieces of jewellery is a way of opening the eyes of people that the wildlife is something that needs to be cherished.


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