Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tips on Wedding fashion Accessory Part 2

Hi my dear readers. here's the continuation of the first part of Tips on Wedding Fashion Accessory. I have discussed about Wedding Veils on the first part now I'm going to share to you all about Wedding Headpieces and it is the next popular category in wedding accessories. Usually it is consist of Crystals, pearls, hairpins, flowers, headbands, and tiaras – the options available in headpieces can be really confusing. Many of you may have a rough idea about what you are exactly looking at. The choices available in this category of wedding accessories are plenty and it is easy to get confused. Wedding accessories for the hair are versatile and are available in many forms, shapes and textures.

The good old tiara has been a favorite wedding accessory with the brides. And it is easy to see why – a tiara can make any bride feel special and a princess in her own right, instantaneously! However, owing to the vast choice of different kinds of hair accessories available in the market today, these are slowly being replaced with other, more inventive hair accessories.  Tiaras in crystal, semi precious metal and pearls are the most popular. Nature inspired tiaras incorporating natural flowers, twigs or shells look great too, if you plan to have a beach wedding.

While tiaras are becoming predictable, headbands are increasingly growing in popularity in the segment of wedding accessories. The reason of the sudden surge in their popularity is, that unlike a tiara, a headband is more contemporary and since it lies flat, can be worn with many different kinds of hair styles. The options available for headbands can be many and varied – right from a simple band of studded stones to a more intricate pattern incorporating crystals, flowers and ribbons. If you are planning on buying a wedding headband, there are many designs to choose from. My suggestion is to seek out as many as possible – on the net, in the shops and then decide what will look the best.

Flowers can look elegant and very contemporary and young. Again, there is no dearth of options available in the market  – right from the natural and fresh flowers to the cloth and plastic flowers and of course metallic flowers, encrusted with stones, crystals etc. From the very popular roses and plumerias, these days you also find the exotic orchids and hibiscus designs. The best part about using artificial flowers is that they can be dyed to match you outfit. You could wear the floral wedding accessories in the form of a rubber band, a hair clip/ barrette or a hair comb. Usually these are worn near your ear – towards the backside of the head. Choose a style that you personally like in terms of design, colour and pattern – you would be surprised to see what the market has to offer in terms of floral wedding accessories.

Feathers are a great choice especially if your tastes are exotic. Plumage is available in many colourful options, apart from the basic black, white and brown. Like flowers, feathers could be a part of a hair comb, a barrette or a rubber band. Opt for feather hair wedding accessories if you wish to don something really unique on your special day!

So that's for today, stay updated for the continuation of this wonderful Wedding Fashion Accessory Tips.


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