Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips on Wedding fashion Accessory Part 3

Hi my dear readers. here's the continuation of the first part of Tips on Wedding Fashion Accessory. I have discussed about Wedding Veils on the first part and Wedding Headpieces on the second part and now comes the favorite part of all wedding accessories; the Fashion Jewellery! After your dress and smile, the kind of jewellery that you choose to adorn will really cast an impression about you. Usually wedding jewellery is kept minimalistic, however, each to her own.

Necklace is the most popular of the wedding accessories jewellery. Necklaces could be something as simple as a string of pearls or diamonds, matching your wedding dress or more intricate patterns, which show off your eclectic taste. The ground rule of wedding accessories jewellery is simple – keep it elegant and non fussy. Classic designs work better than contemporary pieces, when it comes to necklaces. Opt for wearing heirlooms or choose a style that is a classic and will always be treasured for its simplicity. While there can really be no ground rules, generally, an intricate necklace works well when you have a low cut wedding gown, as the neck is emphasised. Whereas a simple necklace works well when you are wearing a traditional cut wedding gown.


Earrings as wedding accessories have their fair share of fan following. Earrings could be something as simple as ear studs, a little fancy such as drop earrings or something as lavish as chandelier earrings. Again, the general rule here is go simple if you have an intricately designed necklace and go a little more flashy if you plan to wear nothing at the neck or just a plain simple string of pearls/ diamonds. Pearls, diamonds and coloured semi precious and precious stones are considered the wedding accessory classics here.

Bracelets and watches

Bracelets look great, however, are not very popular. Perhaps, as a wedding accessory, they may add too much clutter or may be too expensive. Broad wrist clasps or thin diamond or pearl bracelets look great if the rest of the ensemble is not too busy. Wrist watches as a part of wedding accessories are usually not worn, unless they have a sentimental reason to be worn on the special occasion.

I also include Purses and shoes on the third part of this tips.

Purses are usually not very popular as wedding accessories, however, there are no ground rules and you may decide to carry one, once all the ceremonies are over. While choosing a purse, ensure that it is a small, petite looking clutch or handbag. Unconventional designs, patterns and colours are a strict no-no when it comes to this wedding accessory. You could opt for sling bags as well. Ensure that the colour matches your main ensemble and the material is a classic such as leather or satin and nothing tacky or very contemporary.

Shoes are important and often ignored part of your wedding accessories list. Here, you may end up asking the forever question of whether to opt for flats or heels. My advice – go in for something that you are comfortable wearing. Flats have a great way of comforting you and are perhaps your only choice if you are tall and your better half is not as tall. On the other hand, heels look great, make you feel sexy and your gait becomes more feminine. Always remember, you may have a long day ahead and the last thing that you would perhaps want is achy feet. When it comes to this wedding accessory, you could choose from open styles such as sandals or closed styles such as pumps. Opt for colours matching your wedding ensemble to look great and feel super confident. Shoes often also come in dye-able colours so virtually any colour that you may want would be available in the market.

Your wedding is your special day – go out, try as many options of wedding accessories discussed above, as possible to choose the best and look every bit a star that you truly are!


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